Tyler Benfield

Tyler Benfield


Async UI

May 31, 2021

Interfaces for user feedback are inherently asynchronous. Connecting the response to the original request through state can be cumbersome. In this article I'll show an alternative in React that utilizes common Promise patterns.

Migrating my site to Next.js

October 10, 2020

I recently migrated my personal site and blog to Next.js. In this post I talk about why and how the process went.

Easy React Error Handling

September 19, 2019

React provides a great way to gracefully deal with errors using error boundaries, but they're limited to errors in render. Let's explore a way to remove that restriction and use error boundaries for all of our errors.

React Context Registration Model

September 5, 2019

React Context is often used to pass values down the component tree, but some powerful APIs can be made by passing values up instead.