Tyler Benfield

Tyler Benfield

Hi! I'm Tyler and I empower engineers to perform their best work.

I've been interested in computers since I was a kid and started learning to code when I was 13 years old. Nothing big or amazing, but I was blown away at how the computer responded to the code I typed. It still amazes me today and it's even more incredible that the things I build are used by so many people; people I've never even met.

That rewarding feeling is what drives me as an individual and influences my core values: empower others, practice humble confidence, and chart new paths.

Empowering others is the act of setting others up for success. I empower others through mentoring, removing blockers, and ensuring our software development processes are designed for maximum success. Most importantly, empowering others is knowing when to let go and trust your team. Incredible accomplishments come from empowered people.

Practicing humble confidence is being proud of what you know, but not losing sight of what you have yet to learn. I encourage my team to question and challenge my opinions. Mentorship is not a one-way street and I gain more experience every day with the help of my team. I also look for opportunities to step aside and let others show off. Having the answer is good; empowering others to take the win is better.

Charting new paths involves exploring new ideas, asking why, and refusing to settle for the status quo when a better way exists. Try it compare it, and, good or bad, learn from the results. Failure on one path may be the success of another.